Vibrant and Diverse

ISQ is a diverse school community establishing a caring, inclusive, and resilient environment for expat families in Qingdao. Our diverse community dedicates so much of their time on and off campus to create a welcoming environment.

A Community of Care


Over 25 nationalities and regions amongst our community (20 amongst our student body)


Numerous connections at events and activities for students, teachers, and parents


78% parent participation in parent-teacher conferences with several more individual connections between parents and teachers throughout the year

Key Information

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At ISQ, we believe that our greatest asset is our staff. They are vital to ensuring a high-quality education for our students. Teachers at ISQ are more than just educators; they are also our students' coaches and mentors.

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With over 450 alumni that have graduated over the past two decades, our alumni have gone on to do great things! Our alumni stay connected through several networks and coordinate alumni gatherings in California, Hong Kong, and Seoul. Several alumni give back to ISQ by speaking with our high school students and reconnect with their favorite teachers and staff.

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