Student Support


Student Wellbeing and Counseling

Whole-student learning and wellbeing are hallmarks at International School of Qingdao, where our rigorous academics are only a part of the world-class education that our students receive. We recognize that students are not purely academic beings, but are also highly influenced by other factors around them and within themselves.

At ISQ we seek to help each child attain their potential by attending to the needs of the whole person: emotional and physical health, social development, and academic planning and growth.

We remain committed to maintaining an inclusive environment where our students can flourish, graduating from ISQ and going into the wider world as globally-minded and servant-hearted leaders.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.

Support Services

Social-Emotional Learning

Our strategic approach to Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) program pulls from our expertise and resources, such as the Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence, to integrate the principles and a positive culture of emotional intelligence into the student life at all grade levels of ISQ. This informs how our ISQ culture brings together everyone - our leaders, teachers, staff, students, and families - to providing the best learning experiences we have to offer.

English Language Support

Our team of English Language Support (ELS) teachers provides additional support to English language learners across our elementary, middle school, and the beginning of high school. ISQ's ELS teachers support their students by joining them in their regular classes at key times and teaching additional English classes for individuals or small group groups.

We conduct standardized assessments to help identify which of our students need these services upon enrollment, as well as monitor their progress through the year to know when students are ready to exit the program.

Learning Support

ISQ’s team of teachers offers additional support to students according to their overall identified academic needs and day-to-day progress. Our various systems in place help to identify students that need further support.

In middle school and high school, ISQ dedicates one period each day to what is known as Advisory. These advisory periods vary in format throughout the week with groups, activity periods, and assemblies. Advisory groups by grade level meet twice a week and help students build academic skills in communication, organization, technology usage, and study habits.

In our Early Childhood Center and Elementary programs, we provide a range of learning support services adjusts based on our students needs.

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