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Ready to Become a Dolphin?

Before submitting an application, please read our entry requirements here. Once you submit an application, a liaison from our Admissions team will contact you, answer any questions, and help you through the application process. This is what you can expect:

Step 1 - Learn More

Contact us or schedule a visit to learn more about ISQ.

Step 2 - Applying

Apply to ISQ using our online application. Applications will be reviewed and an assessment and/or interview with the applicant will be scheduled in person or online. Students moving from another school will need to provide report cards for one or two academic years.

ISQ Commits to


We commit...

  • to making available our gifts, talents, time, energy, and enthusiasm to serve the needs of those around us
  • to showing love towards the world around us by being a responsible caretaker of our resources


We commit...

  • to have an accurate picture of our abilities, thinking neither too highly or too lowly of ourselves
  • acknowledge our limitations and our need for help, as well as accepting criticism and demonstrate a teachable spirit
  • demonstrating good sportsmanship


We commit...

  • to treating ourselves and every person with intrinsic value and purpose
  • strategically using the gifts and talents that we have to accomplish bigger purposes
  • looking for deeper meaning and explanations and not being content with appearances or easy answers

Step 3 - Interviews & Assessments

We get to know every student before enrollment with an interview led by one of our Teaching & Learning Principals.

Students who's mother language is not English is also assessed with age-appropriate aptitudes during their admissions assessment. For English assessments, there is a 600 RMB, non refundable fee that can be paid with cash, WeChat, or bank transfer.

Step 4 - Enrollment Decision

After you receive an invitation of enrollment, your family will need to complete the registration before your child/children can begin attending ISQ. New families will need to complete or submit:

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Visa
  3. Student Medical Report (SMR)
  4. Immunization records
  5. Proof of tuition and fees payment

One Team at ISQ

If you haven't already, check out our athletics and activities!