Middle School

6th through 8th Grade
Ages 11-13


Guided Growth & Exploration

ISQ's middle school has distinctive qualities that provide a learning environment in which all of our students are welcomed, accepted, and valued by teachers and peers. Passionate teachers guide our students through core learning offerings and extra and co-curricular activities, which build on learning and areas of interest from younger years.

Research shows teacher-student relationships have the most significant impact on student learning. Every middle school student belongs to a small advisory group, with an advisor that guides them, where they discuss and solve learning issues, and set goals.

In addition, middle school students at ISQ also expand into new subjects that aren't offered in Elementary, which broadens their talents, responsibility, leadership, and love of learning.


Our balanced approach to education means engaging a student's mind, heart, and body through exceptional academics and a wide range of activities.

English Language Arts

Students are challenged to grow in their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in preparation for a successful high school learning experience. Their learning experiences include a mixture of both non-fiction and fiction texts and heavily focuses on writing and grammar.


Students in middle school continue to build on their operational and numerical while readying themselves for high school level courses that rely on abstract reasoning. Students are assessed and take Math 6 or Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and/or Geometry.

Physical Education

Students enjoy physical outlets during the school day during PE classes that develop them physically, informs them on how to make healthy choices and live a healthier lifestyle, and teaches foundational skills for participation in competitive and recreational athletics.

Social Studies

Our international students broaden their global mindset in Social Studies as they dive into studies about our world's western regions, eastern regions, and ancient civilation.


Philosophy at ISQ exposes students to various philosophies, ethical issues, and worldviews, and guide students to research, articulate their personal worldview.


From space to oceans and the seen and unseen, students learn about a variety of scientific field and go into our labs to experiment and apply the scientific inquiry model.


China and Chinese language is brought to life by our Chinese specialists. Whether your child is new to China or is tenured in their Chinese language, there's a suitable level for them to grow in.

Fine Arts

Drama, choir, visual art, and band opportunities for middle school students broaden their interests, skill sets, and love of learning.

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