High School

9th through 12th Grade
Ages 14-18


Success and Opportunities

Our high school program is designed to connect students to university-level success and opportunities. Teachers create environments that enhance learning, accelerate achievement, and develop the critical thinking necessary for success in universities and beyond.

Research shows teacher-student relationships have the most significant impact on student learning. Every high school student belongs to a small advisory group, with an advisor to discuss and solve learning issues and to set goals.

Additionally, ISQ offers 10+ Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and the AP Capstone Diploma program covers a wide array of topics for students pursuing university-level academic courses. This gives them an advantage when applying to colleges and universities around the world.


Our balanced approach to education means engaging a student's mind, heart, and body through exceptional academics and a wide range of activities.

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English Language Arts

English Language Arts curriculum focuses on reading, writing, listening and speaking, and language foundations. We offer English I-IV, AP Language, AP Literature, AP Seminar, and AP Research.


Mathematics courses are created to meet the needs of students who have varying backgrounds, interests, and career goals. We offer Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, Advanced Calculus, and AP Statistics.

Physical Education

Students acquire lifelong healthy skills and knowledge through health and physical education courses. These courses cover broad personal health topics, the interconnectedness of physical, social, emotional, and intellectual health, as well as necessary skills in various sports.

Social Studies

Students develop skills in historical analysis, economic principles, respectful critique, and learn about recurring themes in societies throughout time. Our social studies curriculum offers Modern World History, AP World History, Economics, AP Economics, AP Comparative Government, Contemporary History, CSI (Culture, Society, Identity), Government, and AP Geography.


Philosophy at ISQ exposes students to various philosophies, ethical issues, worldviews, and guides students to research, articulate, and defend their personal worldview. Students will take Introduction to Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Worldview and Popular Culture, Advanced Philosophy, and Worldview Survey and Development.


Science courses offer a wide variety of scientific disciplines which develop students' skills to become scientifically literate. Students can choose from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles.


Whether students are beginning Chinese or continuing their mastery, we offer expansive Chinese classes. ISQ has six levels of core Chinese, AP Chinese, and Honors Chinese for Native Speakers.

Fine Arts

With a history of remarkable teachers, the students in our visual and performing arts programs have flourished, establishing our programs amongst the most vibrant in the region. Students can take Introduction to Art, Advanced Art, AP Studio Art, Choir, Band, Fundamentals of Performing Arts, and Movie Production.

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