Campus and Services

Our Campus

We are located near the Qingdao Horticultural Expo, surrounded by nature in the heart of the Bijia community. We are housed in a warm, spacious building with learning spaces, offices, and resource rooms across all five floors. In B1 we have our cafeteria and indoor PE area. Our building has a centralized air filtration system and a centralized heating and cooling system. Outside you'll find two playgrounds, a soccer field, and a basketball & volleyball court.

A Journey Worth Taking

The best school isn't measured by distance from home, but rather is measured by the excellence of its education and the distance teachers, administrators, and the community is willing to go to succeed. You may hear location is a prime factor when choosing a school, but convenience has never a measure of excellence at ISQ.

Basketball & Volleyball Court

Soccer Field

Playgrounds & sand pit

Centralized Air Filtration System

Auditorium for Performances

Fantastic English Library

Buses and Lunches

We partner with local companies that share the same values to provide extraordinary care for our transportation and lunches.


9 buses take students to and from school every day


Two lunch options for students to choose from


Over 50 different bus stops across Qingdao


ISQ contracts with prominent bus company, Huitong, to provide bus transportation. We rent 9 government-approved yellow buses and two coach buses to reach the farthest ends of Qingdao. The length of our bus routes for most students is around 30-45 minutes, while the most distant areas near the airport may experience longer travel times.


Healthy, well-balanced food is crucial for each child’s development. Each day, over 60% of our students enjoy our Chinese and international food made by our kitchen team.

Our Story

Our staff seeks to raise up world-class servant leaders in every vocation. Learn more about us, our vision, and where your family fits into ISQ.